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Our Services

The first step in our intake process is to evaluate the skills of the child based on key milestones of development, cognitive and other formal assessments focusing on the following core areas of development

  • Pre-academic skills
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Speech & Language Development
  • Behavior Development
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Independent living Skills Development (ADL’s)

After an inference is made, an individualized educational program is prepared by the team which involves the parents in every way. We are clear in communicating to parents that our role is to support and NOT to take over their parenting role in anyway.

Special Education Services

Each pupil has access to our multi-disciplinary team of experienced teachers, therapists and assistants. A balanced timetable is planned to provide appropriate levels of input for the individual pupil from our teaching staff, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist and creative expressive therapist using an individualized Education Plan with a combination of well researched techniques as ABA, PECS, TEACCH, etc. Our staff team is well trained and knowledgeable in special education to provide personalized and group teaching in a conducive classroom setting.

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

At Hope House Initiative, we understand that physical exercise is important to keep children healthy. Our playground activities in the classroom (nursery) and on the premises teach our children the limits, within which their bodies can work out. Our Physiotherapists create programs for the child’s individual development and parents are encouraged to follow up at home. A lot of positive changes in physical conditions can be achieved, when children exercise early in age and consistently. Even more, playground activities are closely monitored.

Fact: Hip conformities in babies can be totally removed within the first few years after birth, when appropriate physiotherapy is diligently and consistently applied.

Our occupational therapists ensure that all children are improving in their Activities for Daily Living (ADL), power and speed, movement and balance, eye/hand coordination etc which are geared towards independence.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our children visit the school therapist regularly for personalized speech and language therapy. These therapy sessions are both private and in groups. The aims are to improve speech, vocabulary, and the use of English language. Here children need assistance from parents or guardians at home – it is necessary to communicate in English language at home, as special needs children need consistency. To avoid confusing the child, the local language may be used following the English language – communicate in English first, and then let the local language repeat what was said. This way it is ensured that speech foundation is thorough.

Vocational Training

Acquiring basic life skills is at the core of our activities to improve living standards and gain career skills towards becoming functional members of the society and attaining self-actualization; consequently we take a serious approach to vocational tutoring.

Our trainers assure parents that vocational training helps to develop concentration, understanding, self-esteem and a possible means for self-sustenance.

As part of our commitment to provide holistic development, Parents and families of persons with special needs are not left out in our intervention scheme.

From time to time, we organize support group meetings, workshops for Teachers and Parents to encourage each other. Counseling sessions are available with our highly qualified Psychologist both for our children and their families and teachers as well.

Self-help Skills

Equipping them towards independence, we ensure age and skill appropriate tasks and training are provided such as house-keeping, hygiene, shopping, etc. These give them the opportunity to participate in Practical experiences that teach responsibility, diligence, perseverance, success and failure.

Community Integration Scheme

Hope House Initiative regularly engages in activities that increase exposure and integration for the children. As such, three times in a term we visit parks for leisure experiences and children engaged in shopping skills, visit centers of interest to motivate them in participating in vocational skill training. The exposure helps them to overcome phobias and experience success – a boost to develop self-confidence.

Music and Arts

Talents can be discovered and developed in any vocation thus Arts and Craft form a very important part of our therapy. Professional crafts men and artists from the Arts and Crafts village work with our kids and tutor them in different techniques and tricks of the trade. Part of the objective is to try and discover and develop hidden talent.

he therapeutic advantages of Music, Dance and Drama cannot be underestimated. Dancing to rhythm with body movement in unison to music, exercising good body movement, limb coordination and posture, the soothing effect and the joy in acting can help our children to discover talent and develop more skills. We have experienced great talents in drumming and individual styles in dancing and drama, activities most children thoroughly enjoy.

A good drummer can make a good living!