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About Hope House

Our History

Many years ago two parents of children with developmental disorders, met to discuss ways to help their children. Mr Muoh (Trustee) and Mr. Ehiede (Trustee) met with Mr Parkin (former principal of Cherry Field College, Abuja, now late); and his wife Linda, an education expert in training children with autism, who agreed to help. The parents had a vision, which was that their children had a right to education and living relatively normal lives and since then they have stopped at nothing to ensure that happens. Hence the motto: Vision and Possibilities.

The parents explored help in- and outside the education system and were not inspired by their findings. Thus decided to do it themselves and plant a seed of hope for children with developmental challenges caused by any circumstance.

As such in 2005, Hope House Initiative was founded in Abuja, Nigeria. This philanthropic move was supported and still is by the wife of the then Vice President, Chief Mrs. Atiku Abubakar (Co-Trustee). The pioneer Head Teacher was Mrs. Linda Parkin, with her many years of experience, and 4 specialist staff. Hope House developed into what it is today, graduating 10 of its pioneer pupils to be integrated into mainstream schools. Today we have had over 100 children pass through the center happy with our programs and progressing slowly but steadily. We hope to move with many more into our own facility in Katampe in the near future. A “Home” In the meantime we will still operate from our rented facility.

In situations when educational integration cannot be achieved, Hope House Initiative offers training in vocational skills to discover and nurture talent, so that eventually our children may become more independent.

We have not only had the support of parents of our pupils in helping us to move forward, but we have also enjoyed the services of volunteers and sponsors, all of whom are happy to accompany us into the future. Our children leave indelible marks in our hearts daily and we are encouraged by their developmental progress.

We are seeking both corporate and governmental support for the Hope House Initiative “Home” development in Katampe, and we are confident to succeed in providing the only state of the art facility for children with special needs in Nigeria for their benefit.

Our Vision

HHI is dedicated to offer all-inclusive services (Educational, physical, social, emotional and vocational needs) tailored to suit each childs’ needs

Our team is geared towards:

  • Becoming the prime advocate of persons with special needs
  • Being the best provider of integrated training in Africa to enable them live more independent lives.
  • Enriching their lives and communities so that the World will understand that every person is a special gift to mankind and that disability when accepted and taken care of with hope, patience and love can be eased or removed to achieve self-actualization and recognition, which will eliminate stigma, prejudice, and discrimination.

Our Mission

Hope House Initiative is committed to provide a caring and safe environment so as to:

  • Passionately champion the cause of all children and adults with special needs,
  • Assist them in patience and love to achieve their optimum potential.
  • We aim to discover, cultivate, develop and support the skills and talents inherent in them.
  • With our team of specialist therapists, educators and vocational trainers, provide good quality education. Our methods are tailored to support the individual person’s development towards leading a more independent life.

 Our Objectives

  • To promote holistic development of children and adults with Autism, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Developmental delays, Learning difficulties and related disorders.
  • To offer skill acquisition and educational programs for the empowerment of children and persons with Special needs, so as to enable them live independent lives.
  • To organize sensitization and awareness programs on Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Learning difficulties and related Conditions
  • To meet internationally accepted standards in rendering Special Education services, so that parents will not have to send their children abroad.
  • To mainstream children who have successfully undergone the therapies, into regular schools and/or give life skills to those who cannot be integrated into regular schools

Advocacy Campaign

This is a crucial requirement in Nigeria where certain cultural beliefs prevent parents from accepting the special needs of their child. The tendency, till today, is to hide such children or take them to certain religious sects for prayers or even in the worst case scenario it is claimed that such children are possessed. These attitudes need to be changed and these children need to be brought out for assessment of their skills and assistance to develop. Hope House Initiative and similar institutions have a tremendous lot to offer in assisting the parents, developing the children and removing stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

Follow Up Services

Children with special needs who benefited from HHI education and vocational training and who have transferred into mainstream schools will still need the support from HHI to be able to cope better. We intend to partner and develop follow up programs with such schools for the benefit of our children.

Permanent Site Development

In our pursuit of excellence in the delivery of quality service to our children, it is imperative that in the near future, we relocate to our permanent site in Katampe.

A purpose built facility with vocational and boarding sections for our children’s various requirements and benefits is in plan. Thankfully foundation stone was laid in July 2015, as we mark our 10th anniversary.