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8th December 2018

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Welcome Message


We at Hope House Initiative recognize that any individual with special needs requires an individualized recipe to unlock each treasure brewing in them and that is:

  • A Pinch of LAUGHTER
  • A Dash of OPTIMISM
  • A Spoonful of VALUE
  • A Heap of ENDURANCE
  • and lots of DEVOTION

Cos we strive to provide a haven that screams L.O.V.E.D

With our team of dedicated special educators, therapists and volunteers, every day is nothing but fun, awesome and celebrations of meeting milestones.

Early detection & Intervention is Key! We like to engage these special ones as early as possible to enable us give the necessary advice and support to them and their families, so that the benefits for the child will manifest early and hopefully faster, as never in life does a human being learn and develop faster than within the first six years of his life.

We invite you to explore this website further and contact us when you have any concerns; better still, come visit us!

Kind Regards,


Upcoming Events

School Calendar 2017-2018 Session

Children Resume:

23rd April

Reassessment/IEP Preparation:

23rd-27th April

All fees Paid:

29th April

Workers Day (Holiday):

1st May

Children's Day:

27th May

Democracy Day (Holiday):

29th May

Diversity week:

30th May - 1st June

PTA Meeting:

1st June

World Environment Day (Excursion):

5th June

Midterm break:

7th-10th June

Autistic Pride Day:

18th June

Monthly Report Sent:

29th June

World Youth Skill Day:

15th July

Closing (Party):

20th July

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We are dedicated to offering all-inclusive services (Educational, physical,
social, emotional and vocational needs) tailored to suit each childs’ needs

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